The replication crisis, context sensitivity, and the Simpson’s (Paradox)

The Reproducibility Project: Psychology:

The Reproducibility Project: Psychology (OSC, 2015) was a huge effort by many different psychologists across the world to try and assess whether the effects of a selection of papers could be replicated. This was in response to the growing concern about the (lack of) reproducibility of many psychological findings with some high profile failed replications being reported (Hagger & Chatzisarantis, 2016 for ego-depletion and Ranehill, Dreber, Johannesson, Leiberg, Sul, & Weber, 2015 for power-posing). They reported that of the 100 replication attempts, only ~35 were successful. This provoked a strong reaction not only in the psychological literature but also in the popular press, with many news outlets reporting on it. read more

Notes on Paul Meehl’s “Philosophical Psychology Session” #03

These are the notes I made whilst watching the video recording of Paul Meehl’s philosophy of science lectures. This is the third episode (a list of all the videos can he found here). Please note that these posts are not designed to replace or be used instead of the actual videos (I highly recommend you watch them). They are to be read alongside to help you understand what was said. I also do not include everything that he said (just the main/most complex points).

Descriptive discourse: what is. read more