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This is the page for an email subscription to a RSS feed that contains many of the best blogs about methods in psychology. You will get an email each time one of these blogs posts an article. All you have to do is follow five simple steps:

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  3. Put in your email address.
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  6. Profit.

Blogs included:

Hilda Bastian- Absolutely Maybe

Christina Bergmann & Sho Tsuji- CogTales

Dorothy Bishop- BishopBlog

Lorne Campbell

James C. Coyne- Mind the Brain

James C. Coyne- Quick Thoughts

Alex Etz- The Etz Files

Eiko Fried- Psych Networks

Eiko Fried

Patrick S. Forscher- Persistent Astonishment

David Funder- Funderstorms

Andrew Gelman- Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

Roger Giner-Sorolla- Approaching Significance

Olivia Guest- Neuroplausible

Jessica Hartnett- Not Awful and Boring

James Heathers

Matti Heino

Joe Hilgard- Crystal Prison Zone

Journal of European Psychology Students

Åse Kvist Innes-Ker- Not That Kind of Psychologist

John K. Kruschke- Doing Bayesian Data Analysis

Daniel Lakens- The 20% Statistician

Etiennne LeBel- Prove Yourself Wrong

Alison Ledgerwood- Incurably Nuanced

Uri Leif, Joe Simmons, & Uri Simonsohn- Data Colada

Sara Locatelli- Deeply Trivial

Rich Lucas- The Desk Reject

Kristoffer Magnusson- R Psychologist

Deborah G. Mayo- Error Statistics Philosophy

Richard Morey


Personality Interest Group and Espresso (PIG-E)


Jeff Rouder- Invariances

Guillaume Rousselet- Basic Statistics

John Sakaluk- Sak on Science

Anne Scheel, Ruben Arslan, Malte Elson, & Julia Rohrer- The 100% CI

Ulrich Schimmack- Replicability-Index

Xenia Schmalz- Xenia Schmalz’s Blog

Felix Schönbrodt

Sam Schwarzkopf- NeuroNeurotic

Sanjay Srivastava- The Hardest Science

Ana Todorovic- NeuroAnaTody

Joachim Vandekerckhove- I’m a Bayesian and I do what I want

Tim van der Zee- The Skeptical Scientist

Simine Vazire- Sometimes I’m Wrong

E.J. Wagenmakers- Bayesian Spectacles

Hanne M. Watkins- My Scholarly Goop

Katherine Wood- Inattentional Coffee

Tal Yarkoni- [citation needed]

Rolf Zwaan

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