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I’ve recently discovered podcasts and they are awesome. They’re a great way to learn interesting new things, especially when you’re travelling. So this post is a collection of fantastic podcasts that I listen to and would recommend you pick up. Any suggestions are welcome so please let me know if there are any you like. (*= my favourites).

Social and Life sciences

*Everything Hertz: Discussions about biological psychiatry, psychology, and the process of science with heavy sarcasm. (iTunes) (Soundcloud)

*The Black Goat: Three psychologists discuss how to perform science and the various issues that face scientists e.g. publication pressure, how to be an open scientist etc. (website) (iTunes)

*ReproducibiliTea: A group of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) tackle seminal papers on methods and metascience, interview interesting guests about psychological research, and drink tea. (Soundcloud)

Two Psychologists Four Beers: Two psychologists don’t drink enough alcohol whilst exploring issues in academia and psychology. (website)

The Sizzle: An Educational Psychologist explores a broad range of issues, such as relationships and different types of schools, whilst interviewing guests. (website)

Invisibilia: Fascinating episodes on broad ranging topics related to how we experience the world e.g. is there a “solution” to mental health, and is thinking like this part of the problem? (website)

Marginally Significant: Four psychology professors explore issues relating to the academe, psychological research, and working at a comprehensive university. (website)


*Very Bad Wizards: Discussions between a philosopher and a moral psychologist (with occasional guests) about current events, social issues, and research from their fields. (website) (iTunes)


PhDivas: A cancer scientist and literary critic talk about life in academia, science, and how social issues affect academia. (website) (iTunes)

*Intelligence Squared: Hour long discussions or debates about an interesting topic featuring prominent thinkers. (website) (iTunes)

Rationally Speaking: guests from a wide variety of academic areas e.g. education, journalism, economics, AI, are interviewed about important topics within their field, bringing evidence to bear on controversial issues. (website) (iTunes)

7 responses to “Podcast list”

  1. Sorry – I messed up the last comment 🙂 Please delete? Here’s what I meant to say: “Steve Jones and I worked on a list for an NCSS session-there’s too many to keep track of! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hNDB8JUbDQCwHPOzhrgqrqGVHt7ZvRBekIovwPxs8lE/edit?usp=sharing


  2. Thanks (I listen to several of these and am eager to hear more)–

    The Skeptics Guide to the Universe (Hosted, in part, by Neurologist) Stephen Novella is great

    Neuropod stopped making podcasts in December but the archives are good.

    And I love the now retired Logically Critical… which no longer makes new podcasts, but their old ones are great for learning common logical fallacies.

    Neuroscientist Sam Harris also has a podcast called waking up.


  3. MISC: Reply All, TLDR, Sex Nerd Sandra, 99% Invisible, This American Life
    Social Sciences: Hidden Brain, Psychology In Seatle, IQ2 Debates, 60 Secong Psychology, Grammar Girl
    News: GPS (Global Public Square), 60 Minutes


  4. […] by PsychBrief (and encouraged by Max), here is a list of the podcasts I currently listen to. I use the […]


  5. You should check us out – Neurotransmissions (@neuropodcast).


  6. Self-plug, but actually relevant: I’ve got a neuroscience podcast that was heavily influenced by the format of Partially Examined Life (all of us involved are PEL fans). It’s called Unsupervised Thinking unsupervisedthinkingpodcast.blogspot.com


    1. Thank you for reminding me, I actually already listen to and enjoy your podcast so I’ll include it now


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